At I2C Systems we thrive on a challenge, we love designing solutions to complex problems and we do it with passion and professionalism. We have brought many ideas to fruition over the years. We are supporters of the Linux movement and believe that the Linux desktop is the future, this does not mean that we do not support Windows.

If you want to bounce a concept off us or determine the feasibility of an idea, give us a call and we would love to discuss your idea.


Our specialised smart home and security division will attend to all your security, automation and smart home and smart access requirements.



API’s are the backbone of integrated systems today, if you need an API, let us design and if nessessary we ill even build it for you.


Design and Develop

You have a need, software is required to enhance some area of your business. We will work with you to design, develop and impliment a solution for you.


Internet of Things

Whatever you need to receive or send data to over the internet, we can design and build the interface for you.


Set-up and configuration if the ICALA business productivity suite. We are also accredited and authorised to customise the ICALA application.



We are agents for the INDAWO Geo mapping and sales quadrant analysis tool from Rienzi Technologies. We can set you up and get you configured.

Web Sites

Need a website, we can have your web site designed and hosted in no time. Our design team will give you a professional site that will reflect your business values.

If you have an idea but not sure how to make it happen, lets talk and see if we can help you achieve your objective.

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